Friday, November 03, 2006

Creative Assassination

Did you know that I am currently the 11th Google result for the search term 'renaissance man'? And that's 11th out of 17,300,000 results baby! But alas, 11th puts me at the top of the * second* page. And like anybody who's anybody would know, if you're not on the first page you're nowhere.

Kinda reminds me of Ricky Bobby.. "If you're not first, you're last". :)

My tinkertoy site metrics lead me to believe that Googling 'renaissance man' is probably far and away the reason most people find themselves on my blog - it sure ain't the critically acclaimed content! But I wonder what the traffic would be like if I bumped up a notch into the top 10 google results for that search?

Hmmm. It appears that the 1994 movie by the same name (starring Danny DeVito no less) has two results in the top 10 - one for IMDB and one for Amazon. They can afford to lose one of them don't ya think? I love Danny DeVito but c'mon, I mean it's a 12 year old movie! - and I'm sure you can understand why I provide no links there!

So I'm officially soliciting answers on how to creatively eliminate one of those top ten results. Anybody got any interesting suggestions?

And don't tell me I have to consistently create quality content - that just won't cut it with me. ;)