Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From sticky note to Inkscape

A week or so ago I posted about using Inkscape to submit some logo ideas for the LinuxReality podcast. I've been noodling around with it over the last week or so and I'm mesmorized at how easy it is to do really neat looking things with it.

One of the things I submitted involved a guy leaning against something. I scratched out an idea at work on a yellow sticky note to store the idea. When I got home it was dead easy to scan it in and import the bitmap image into Inkscape where I easily traced it and added some gradients and outlines. It's by no means perfect but it's dead easy.

Incidentally the pencil drawing packs much more character than the vector art does don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey man, loved the post. I actually ran across this post on Inkscape and forget to post it too I just found it again. I'm going to check out Inkscape right now. I'm an aspiring web designer/graphic artist, and this is good stuff.