Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DSL Modem Trouble - Any Clues?

For the last couple of days I've been having a problem with my ADSL modem. Maybe somebody out there can give me some tips on fixing it. Here is a description of the symptoms:

I left the modem powered off all day yesterday. When I got home I turned on the modem and the PC and booted up. Everything works fine - for about 1-2 hours. Upon turning on the modem the ADSL light blinks slowly, then quickly and then stays on steady once it has synched. This is the normal behaviour.

The problem is that after about 1 or 2 hours the modem starts to lose sync. It appears to lose the connection and then the ADSL light goes through it's slow-blink, fast-blink routine and reconnects. It then seems to achieve connectivity for about 2 minutes and then loses it again and reconnects. It repeats this on and off every couple of minutes. Occasionally it isn't able to reconnect at all unless I power down and then power up the modem.

I've tried powering off the modem for a minute or so and reconnecting but this only serves to give me about 5 minutes of connection time before it goes into the 2 minute intermittent connectivity behaviour again.

Very frustrating. I've not had any other problems with this modem.

The only other clue might be the power outage we had a couple of days back. Could this have damaged the modem somehow?

Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm afraid to call my ISP support line since I think as soon as I tell them I'm running Linux they'll tell me they don't support it and won't help me out.


Kate said...

Richard, I had similar problems with a cable modem for quite a while; it turned out that our cable modem was "talking" too fast for our cable company's system, and the cable company servers would drop the signal, re-synch, and we'd be back up.

Soooo...although it seems like a pain, I'd suggest giving the ISP a call.

Rob said...

I found this article on my ISP website that i found helped me sort my broadband problem out.

RichardQuerin said...

Currently the problem seems to have disappeared. But thanks for the useful advice and links guys.