Friday, November 03, 2006

Some more on the MS-Novell announcement

While reaction to the Microsoft-Novell partnership reverberates, most of the discussion and interpretation I've read ranges from neutral to doomsday. For a quality analysis of it (and interesting comments as well), check out Bruce Perens piece here.

Reading all this stuff, and given my previous post about Richard Stallman on the The Linux Link Tech Show, you have to remain appreciative of RMS and the GPL no matter what you think of him personally.

Unless of course you're not in favour of Free and Open-Source Software. Which is entirely possible as well I guess.

Some interesting reading on related issues if you're interested on getting more up to speed on things (as I am):

The Software Patent Debate

The SCO-Linux Controversies

What is a software license?

You'll notice all three of the above links are to Wikipedia pages. They are not meant to swing your opinion, just fill in some info if you're so inclined. Of course if you're familiar with all of that stuff (or this post has bored you stiff -- why you still here?) you'll likely be bored by all three. ;)