Sunday, November 05, 2006

Given a Choice...

Given a choice, I'd take:

  1. Cloth seats over Leather
  2. Coke over Pepsi
  3. Happiness over Longevity
  4. Gnome over KDE
  5. GMail over MS-Outlook
  6. MS-Excel over Google Spreadsheets
  7. Google Reader over Bloglines
  8. Love over Money
  9. Horton the Elephant over Caillou
  10. A car over an SUV
  11. A Whopper over a Big Mac
  12. Links over Gestures
  13. Podcasts over Satellite Radio
  14. A Tooth ache over an Ear ache
  15. Briefs over Boxers
  16. Peanut Butter over Jam
  17. Oranges over Bananas
  18. Plasticine over Play-doh
  19. Reading over Watching
  20. Freedom over Safety

We face choices every day, what are some that you would make?