Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shoe Laces, Deli Meats and Typewriter Ribbon Oh My!

Sometimes I think that maybe there is a finite amount of good information from which to cull from the blogosphere. A while back I noted that I had unsubscribed from BoingBoing (among others). Partly it was the overwhelming volume of posts and partly it was that more and more of the posts were just too 'out there', just plain non-useful or simply not for my tastes.

I'm hoping that one of my longtime favourite subscriptions Lifehacker hasn't taken up the cause. It has me worried with the recent DIY Cassette Tape Wallet post. Call me crazy, but I personally see no value lifehacking-wise in this specific project. I'm afraid of finding posts that beckon me to 'Look at this desk blotter weaved entirely out of old Typewriter Ribbons! ' or bear witness to  'A hipster PDA created solely from shoe laces and deli meat!'.

Surely I'm wrong. But you never know.

PS - if you do see either of those items appear in your feed reader, remember where you read it first... ;)