Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Damn you Doc Searls...

Damn you Doc Searls!

How dare you point me to a website clearly saying things like:

"Your photos. Your words. Put them together and tell your story."

and then that site has the unmitigated gall to follow up with:

"Unlimited storage. No Ads. For a free account sign up now."

Furthermore I was positively incensed to read a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that were entirely too clear and understandable for the average person .

I mean, where in the hell do they get off doing stuff like this?? Uploading and downloading my own hi-res images and controlling who has access to them? Entirely too functional. Fooey!

Damn you Doc Searls! Don't you know I have enough interesting things on my plate? Don't you know I have actual work to do? Damn you and your insufferably valuable recommendations. Damn you and your sunsets...

Phew! Now that that's all out of my system watch for some Tabblo links in upcoming blogposts... ;)